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We use real-world hacking techniques to understand your security posture, finding security vulnerabilities, and assisting your team in fixing them. Our team has top-ranked hackers from Facebook, Uber, Twitter who attacks your application from an attacker's perspective rather than just from a compliance perspective.

Source Code Security Assessment

We analyze source code or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws.

Infrastructure Security Assessments

We discover forgotten or rogue databases, classify sensitive data, and assess databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Testing includes authentication, authorization, data security, vulnerabilities for hacking, session management, etc.


Amod Malviya (Co-Founder, Udaan)

"At UDAAN, our experience with AppSecure has been nothing short of phenomenal. They're highly competent, very diligent and extremely rigorous when it comes to security. Their model of working very closely with engineering teams has been a great help, as it allows our engineers to pull in the very best practices around security. I can gladly recommend them to any company that looks at security seriously."

Ankit Solanki - (Co-Founder, Cleartax)

"ClearTax have been working with AppSecure for a while now. The team at AppSecure has been the best security team we have worked with: they are diligent with testing, go the extra mile to explain any potential problems, and work closely with our engineering team to get issues resolved. AppSecure has been instrumental in making ClearTax more secure, and I will highly recommend them to any company that takes security seriously."

Facebook - The Verge

"One of the most valuable benefits of bug bounty programs is the ability to find problems even before they reach production," Facebook said in a statement. "We're happy to recognize and reward Anand for his excellent report."

Uber- TechCrunch

"Uber's bug bounty program works with security researchers all over the world to fix bugs, even when they don't directly impact our users. We appreciate Anand's ongoing contributions and were happy to reward him for an excellent report," an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Anand Prakash

Anand Prakash is a prolific security researcher who is famous for finding bugs in some of the world’s most popular apps and websites. He thrives off of “bug bounties” — large cash prizes he earns from companies in exchange for successfully hacking their systems and showing them their security flaws. Anand is supremely good at what he does, having discovered vulnerabilities at companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. For the past 5 years, Facebook’s has ranked Anand as one of their top bounty hunters.

And on Twitter’s bounty program, he’s ranked #3 world-wide. Anand’s reputation as a hacker has lead to him being featured in last year’s Forbes “30 under 30” for enterprise technology in Asia. And a major Indian news website declared Anand “one of India’s best known white hat hackers.”

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Top-ranked hacker's on bug bounty programs of Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, PayPal, LinkedIn from the past 5 years.

Anand Prakash


Sandeep Hodkasia



Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017
Nasscom 10000 Startups 2017 Batch
YourStory Top 30 promising Startups of India 2017
3rd Rank on Twitter's Bug bounty program in World (1st in India) 2014- 2020
4th Rank on Uber's Bug Bounty in the world (1st in India) 2016- 2020
Top 3 rank on Facebook's Hacker's List in the world (2014-2017)