Mobile App Penetration Testing

Appsecure Security is a highly credible organization that has been catering to the critical security requirements of leading firms since 2016 and has been trusted by preeminent companies such as PhonePe, Udaan, OYO, Swiggy, Disney plus Hotstar, Canon, and many more. In our compact and impactful journey,  hitherto, we have successfully made our mark by securing a major portion of the industry. 

@ AppSecure

At AppSecure, we religiously work to implement our penetration testings in the classical Bug hunting fashion by manually assessing the applications and their flaws. We believe in learning by experience, putting ourselves under real-life scenarios to help improve the quality of our assessment and evaluation of various vulnerabilities. Our team comprises top-ranked hackers from Facebook, Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Reddit among others.

Utility of AppSecure

  • Our strategic technique of assessment is potentially inclined towards the attackers’ perspective rather than the compliance perspective.
  • The incorporation of our skilled security researchers with the development team helps to put secure SDLC in place.
  • We provide a comprehensive, precise, and accurate report on the security issues and vulnerabilities, along with solutions.

Why this is Important ?

Hackers are capable of hacking into mobile apps, attack back-end systems, and compromise data. However, through mobile application security testing, we examine your mobile applications for vulnerabilities that might leave your network or applications vulnerable. You will be able to remediate and protect your mobile apps before they are released to the market with the aid of our mobile app security assessment service.

AppSecure's Methodology

Our mobile application security testing methodology involves both manual and automated testing procedures. We conduct in-depth mobile application security assessments of commonly used mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows following the OWASP top 10 mobile and  OWASP top 10 API framework.

- Parameter Tampering
- Broken Authentication and Session Management
- Hardcoded Sensitive Information in the Source Code
- Authentication, Access Control, and Authorization Testing
- Weak Encryption and Certification
- Business Logic Flaws
- Unrestricted File Upload
- Security Misconfigurations
- Vulnerable Third-Party Integrations
- Insecure Deserialization
- Use of Components With Known Vulnerabilities
- Server-Side Injection Attacks
- Improper Platform Usage
- Insecure Data Storage
- Client Code Quality
- Code Tampering
- Reverse Engineering

AppSecure's Advantages

Professional Expertise

The AppSecure's team comprises of experienced security researchers who are having proven record of finding security vulnerabilities in various famous companies.

Detailed Reports

We provide clear, precise and descriptive penetration testing reports to the companies with accurate remediation suggestion. This will help developers to reproduce and fix the vulnerabilities easily.

Extended Coverage

We deliver only high-quality web penetration testing services to the clients by covering every aspect of the web applications. This is to protect their business and users' data from the bad intentional actors.

Responsive  Support

We collaborate with the companies and their development team in understanding and mitigating the discovered security vulnerabilities properly.

Helped more than 200+ companies across the globe in protecting their customers' data and business.