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Power of Manual Penetration Testing to Safeguard Your Application & API

While automated testing can scan for known vulnerabilities, manual testing goes beyond the surface to uncover the unknown.

A research project conducted by the SANS Institute in 2016 found that manual testing was more effective at identifying complex or nuanced vulnerabilities in systems and networks. The study evaluated the effectiveness of different testing methodologies using a set of realistic scenarios and found that manual testing was more effective at identifying vulnerabilities that were not detectable by automated tools.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a security practice that involves trying to breach an organization's security by attacking its systems from within. This can be done by exploiting vulnerabilities in the organization's software and systems or through social engineering or physical attacks. AppSecure Security Provides solutions that offer penetration testing capabilities to help organizations  identify their bugs, and replace them before causing any potential harm.

The main difference between a hack and penetration is that hackers can potentially break in and steal the data. Whereas pentesting just highlights the areas where you are exploitable and provides you with solutions to fix them.

Importance of manual penetration over automated scanning

No one can replace humans. Needless to say, automation fails to match the ability of humans to identify vulnerabilities.

1.Detailed test report

Manual testing security engineers can generate a step-by-step guide to help identify and fix vulnerabilities. Also, automation misses out on providing assistance at all times.

2.Deep testing capability

Automated scanners do a smart job but still miss out on detailed factors that are often taken care of by manual penetration testing. It can help detect business logic, code errors, broken access control, SQL injection, etc.

3.Zero false positives

Manual testers ensure that the issue does actually exist, saving time and resources. This is rather lost by developers when trying to fix an issue that does not exist but is still identified by an automated scanner.

4.Manual penetration testing with AppSecure

Appsecure security researchers strictly follow OWASP Testing Guide standards while performing penetration testing to assess web application security. Our unique test cases help to identify the loopholes in the system by targeting entry points in the system. We're committed to working with developers to help them implement secure coding standards so that API security issues don't keep popping up.

5.Customer Protection

Data is a valuable resource, and a data breach can result in not just a sizable fine from the ICO but also irreparable reputational harm for a corporation. Regardless matter the size of the organization, penetration testing is crucial. An organization's exposure to cyber risk can be decreased, and the data of both the organization and its clients can be protected with the help of a well-structured and scoped penetration test. It establishes regular testing, which helps with Data Protection compliance (a GDPR requirement). Appsecure generates a retest report that can be a useful resource once all the fixes are in place.

Why choose AppSecure Security for penetration testing?

AppSecure Security is a specialist cybersecurity firm that offers end-to-end security solutions to maintain the safety and security of consumer companies. AppSecure Security employs real-world hacking methods to assess the security posture of its clients, identify security flaws, and aid their teams in correcting them. The company's top hackers come from Paypal, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc., and have participated in the bounty programmes of over 400+ firms. 

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